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Understanding Abdomen Trauma and How to Manage It

Abdominal trauma is an injury that occurs in organs in the stomach, such as the stomach, intestine, pancreas, liver, bile, kidney and spleen. This trauma can occur due to blows or blunt force impact, or a sharp object prick. Abdominal trauma is an injury condition that must be treated immediately. It is important to anticipate and prevent various serious complications, such as heavy bleeding (shock), damage to organs in the stomach, abscesses in the stomach, peritonitis, intestinal obstruction, and abdominal compartment syndrome. If not immediately get treatment from a doctor, severe abdominal trauma that causes bleeding in organs in the abdomen is at high risk of death. Get to know the type of abdominal trauma In general, there are two types of abdominal trauma known in the medical world, namely: Blunt abdominal trauma Blunt abdominal trauma is trauma caused by blunt force collisions in the abdomen. This trauma can be caused by a traffic accident, a blow to the stomach, or fal
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Hemorrhoid Medication for Pregnant Women

Hemorrhoid or swelling of blood vessels around the anus is a disorder that is quite often felt by pregnant women. To handle this, here are some simple hemorrhoid medicines for pregnant women that are simple and effective. Ambient that appears during pregnancy usually disappears after giving birth. Even so, itching and pain arising from this condition often interfere with activity, especially during or after bowel movements. To alleviate the hemorrhoid suffered, there are several ways that Bumil can apply. More details, see the following explanation. Causes of Ambient When Pregnant Hemorrhoid in pregnant women usually occurs around the third trimester of pregnancy. Hemorrhoids or ambient in pregnant women is the impact of the enlargement of the size of the uterus. This causes an increase in pressure in the blood vessels around the anus, causing the anus to swell. Women who have experienced hemorrhoid during pregnancy before are also very likely to experience it again during the n

Your child often cry or scream during sleep, overcome in this way

If your child cries or screams during sleep, he may experience night terror. Although it made Mother and Father worry, night terror is harmless and can be overcome in the right way. Night terror is one of the sleep disorders that is generally suffered by children aged 3-12 years and is caused by the child's nervous system is not yet mature. In general, night terror resembles nightmares that arise with more dramatic effects. Reasons for Night Terror in Children Night terror usually occurs 2-3 hours after the child starts sleeping. When sleeping and experiencing night terror, children will usually breathe quickly, cry, scream, delirious, look angry, or scared. In addition, the Little One can unconsciously kick things around him or walk from his bed. This is what can be dangerous. Night terror can occur for approximately 10-30 minutes. After that, the child will calm down and fall asleep as usual. In contrast to ordinary nightmares, after experiencing night terror, Little will